Twitch's concurrent streamers grew 67% in Q3, as YouTube Gaming declines

Amazon-owned game streaming site Twitch is continuing to see solid growth, according to a new report from Streamlabs, which found that Twitch increased its numbers of concurrent streamers on the platform by 67 percent in the third quarter of 2017. That growth is being attributed, in part, to Twitch’s newer initiatives focused on allowing smaller streamers to generate revenue from their channels through things like subscriptions, virtual tipping and game sales.

However, the growth in streamers using Twitch hasn’t yet paid off in terms of concurrent viewers, the report also found.
In Q3, the number concurrent viewers remained roughly the same. This could be because it takes time for the newer streamers to gain a following and grow their audiences, the company theorized. It’s estimating we won’t start seeing the actual impact of the additional streamers on Twitch’s platform until either Q4 2017 or even Q1 2018.