Tally wants to automate your financial life, with managing credit cards as its first step

Tally wants to be your new automated credit card manager. For credit card users who carry a balance, it can be difficult to figure out how much they can afford to pay to lower their debt from month to month. That calculus becomes even more complicated when people have multiple cards to contend with.

By adding all their active cards to the Tally app and connecting a checking account to the app, the company will create a plan to help consumers avoid late fees, maximize their savings and reduce the amount they pay in interest fees.

Tally takes into account multiple aspects of a user’s credit card usage, including their credit score, balances, promotional rates and spending behavior in plotting the best course of action. Unlike other personal finance apps and services, which use that data to suggest a new card that users can transfer their balance to, Tally is focused first and foremost on helping users to eliminate whatever credit card debt they may have.