Microsoft set to launch new 4K console Xbox One X on November 7 priced at $499

Microsoft has finally taken the wraps off its new console, now called the Xbox One X.  The tongue-twister of a console is set to arrive November 7, priced at $499, as initially reported. 

The company has already alluded to a number of features on-board, including backward compatibility and processing power that make it “the most powerful game console to date.” And from the sound of it, Sony can’t really argue here, there’s a ton of firepower under the hood here, designed to keep Microsoft’s mid-life console line both ahead of the competition and up to speed with the latest happenings on the living room A/V front. The new console is, as advertised, capable of true 4K gaming playback, with HDR video quality and Premium Dolby Atmos, keeping with Microsoft’s long-standing desire to be a full living room entertainment experience, rather than simply a gaming machine.