Google was interested in buying Snap for at least $30 billion last year

Google apparently floated an offer of at least $US30 billion to buy Snap in early 2016.
Three people, ranging from people inside and close to the company, separately confirmed they had heard the chatter and price tag, with one calling it an "open secret" among Snap's upper ranks and certain tech industry circles.

It's unclear how formal the discussions these insiders say happened may have been, but Snap and Google have been close for a long time. Informal discussions between companies are held frequently in the tech world, especially surrounding major upcoming events, like a public offering or a large round of fundraising.
The initial $US30+ billion offer would have been discussed just before Snap went on to raise its Series F round of private funding in May 2016, valuing the company at $US20 billion. CapitalG, the growth equity fund managed by Google parent Alphabet, ended up quietly participating in the round.