"Arms" is set to be the next blockbuster game coming to the Nintendo Switch

Arms, the highly anticipated fighting game for Nintendo's Switch, will be available next Friday, and based on the early reviews, the company just may have found the magic bullet. Nintendo's Switch console, launched earlier this year, has been something of a surprise success. Prior to its launch, it seemed like a risky play for the company, which has been bobbing and weaving in its efforts to appeal to couch potatoes, e-sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike.

"Arms is utterly brilliant," wrote Mark Walton in his Ars Technica review.

He praised the game's mix of "bold mix of long-range, third-person combat played at a strategic pace far removed from the split-second timing and dexterous button bashing typical of the genre."

Arms is possibly the perfect game for Nintendo Switch, suggests Time's review. "It's tennis-boxing inside a carnival wrapped in a learning curve that against practiced players feels steep," wrote Time reviewer Matt Peckham.

Arms "is more than it seems," he maintained. It's "novel in a genre prone to repetition, and precisely the sort of pick-up video game the Switch was designed for."